Contact lenses for distance training

When you set about a long distance training or racing routine, there are a number of steps that you will want to take to make sure that you are comfortable and able to train the way you like. This involves purchasing the right equipment for whatever sort of long distance training you may be getting into, whether swimming, biking, running, etc. Additionally, it means learning the proper techniques for your activity, as performing long distance training incorrectly can lead to discomfort, and even worse, injury. However, it is often the smallest and simplest things that bother people as they exercise over long distances. For example, having the wrong sort of corrective vision can be very aggravating and inconvenient while training.

There are plenty of reasons that people opt for glasses with regard to corrective vision. However, when you are doing long distance training, glasses can be very inconvenient, and even, conceivably, dangerous. Here are a few of the issues that you may experience if you decide to try glasses, or even prescription sports goggles.

Clouded Vision
When wearing any sort of external physical lens to improve your eyesight, you subject yourself to the possibility that your vision could be clouded. This could occur due to smudging, steam, sweat, rain, or even scratches, and can leave you uncomfortably limited in your sight.

Goggles are considered quite safe, and are difficult to damage in a dangerous way. However, if you race with glasses on, there is always some small risk that your glasses can be knocked out of place or broken in a way that could harm your eyes.

Lack Of Range
Finally, perhaps the biggest issue with wearing glasses or goggles for your vision is that both options significantly limit your peripheral vision. With glasses and goggles you cannot see with the full natural range of your eyes, and this can be very inconvenient as you train, or particularly if you race competitively.

Instead of relying on these sorts of options for your athletic activities, consider a free contact lens trial to see if contact lenses are suitable to you. With contact lenses, you can experience the same perfection of vision that you get from glasses or prescription goggles, without any of the potential problems listed above. This can leave you seeing clearly without even thinking about it, which is a significant luxury when training.

Additionally, you may even be able to make yourself noticeably more comfortable through the use of contacts. This is because, as you will discover, there are certain types of lenses specifically designed to keep your eyes moist and comfortable. This can be valuable when exposing your eyes to wind resistance over long distances, as such a thing can leave your eyes feeling dry and burned. Additionally, with contacts on you can carry sunglasses with you to wear if necessary. Ultimately, the potential benefits of trying contact lenses for your exercise make lenses well worth trying.

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