Anxiety and sporting performance

A while ago I wrote a blog introducing how NLP can help you combat anxiety in your sport.

Anxiety is a search term that is used a lot in google, there must be a lot of anxious athletes out there.

Does your anxiety serve you or hinder you though?

Anxiety that hinders you could include examples such as

  • you stress so much about everyone else you forget to focus on yourself
  • you cannot control your nerves before a race / game
  • you feel so nervous you cannot eat before your race / game
  • you are never happy with your performance, you always see the glass half empty

Anxiety that serves you could include examples such as

  • you use nerves to spur you on in your sport
  • you are able to focus on your race, using the enemy as a reason to push harder
  • you race yourself, and always strive to be better than last time, can you be your best?

There is always a reason why we are fretting before a race. It is usually because we worry that we will not do our best, let ourselves down, not meet our goals, etc. if you think of those in a sportive frame, we simply want to be the best we can be.

Human nature is such that sometimes we distort our view of the world, using our own internal filters. This means that the positive anxiety can be framed into the negative sometimes.

Think of a negative thought that you have about your sport. Write it down. How is that thought best serving you? In this light, it isn’t, it is hindering you.

Example: I can’t make it into the top ten, there are too many fast people in the race today.

Now look at it, and re-word (reframe) it in a positive light. By thinking that, what is it deep down, that you really want to achieve?

If I focus on my own performance, I can achieve a top ten position today.

All out thoughts, wants, and behaviours need to best serve us. If we think negative, we will get it. when was the last time you thought this:

see, I told you I would have a bad day today

That was because you were looking for the negative details. The day may not have been any different to an other day, but your negative filter enabled you to only focus on the bad elements. If you think that, you will get that. It works exactly the same in sport as well.

How would you like your own rosé tinted outlook on the world all the time?

Smile, and it makes you think happy thoughts. Frown, and it will make you think negative ones.

Retrain your mind to the positive, and you will unlock your potential, your FULL potential. You are all you want to be, all that is limiting you, is YOU.

To find out more, feel free to message, tweet, or email us for a free initial 30 minute chat, to find out ow to unlock the full potential inside you.

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