The benefits of aqua jogging

20121115-070952.jpgCoach gave me aqua jogging in my schedule this week for the first time. This is in preparation for my knee operation on Monday. To be honest, I hated the whole idea. I felt like I would look like a fool, everyone would stare, point and laugh whilst wondering what that drowning floundering woman was doing in the deep end, that same woman that is usually speeding up and down the fast lane!

It seeemed really odd climing out of the fast lane, having done my swim, and getting into the slow lane with all the breast stroking old dears, however I ignored my nagging doubts and got on with it.

The benefits of aqua jogging

I read into it, because as always I need to understand why I might be doing this. Here was, in summary, what I found.

                • Water is denser than air thus creating more resistance
                • it is non impact therefore a perfect way of rehabilitating an injury
                • no impact means no muscle ache, aiding recovery, therefore the perfect training tool between hard workouts
                • cool temperature of the water lowers your heart rate meaning you can work harder without feeling like you have
                • helps to keep the run specifi muscles active and working strong

The trick to aqua jogging form is to keep your upper body straight and to not lean forward too much. You should practice a higher knee lift and a more compact back kick than when on running on dry land. This will allow you to remain upright and also enable you to perform harder sprinting activities.

Here is a great Youtube video that explains it:

What was it like for me?

To be honest, I was convinced that I would sink. I had never done it before and I could not understand how i would stay afloat. Coach said I had to do it without a flotation belt, it was not necessary, and in fact replicating runnign form was easier without one. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and went for it. I did it like shown here in the video, and actually, it was easy to do. You move forwards very slowly, in fact, I was fractionally slower than all the ladies in the slow lane, but not so much that I was getting in the way of them.

What was it like? Its like running, without standing on your feet! Its really really weird, like you are running, you have some of the feelings of effort involved with that (but not as much as actual running) but without putting your feet on the floor!

If people like Jessica Ennis use Aqua Jogging, then there must be something in it! I just use a swimming costume and a regular pool (the deep end) but I dont see why it cant be as beneficial as the fancy tank equipment you see in the Daily mail article.

So, watch this space!

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