Tough Mudder: less than a week to go!

Tough Mudder: 7 days to go!

So, it’s less than a week now till I undergo the monstrous 12 mile muddy obstacle course somewhere in the depths of Manchester as part of team Breo and team Sports sister. But how am I feeling about it all?


Not ideal, I found out about a month ago that I have a medial meniscus tear. The operation is next Monday. No matter, it didn’t stop me from competing in the triathlon world championships! Ok, it may have stopped me running as fast, but I figure that is not a skill I will need to get round Tough Mudder, it will be strength, stamina, grit and determination!


What to wear?

Simple: as little as possible!! I intend to wear my regular cross country gear: lycra shorts, cross country shoes (tied tightly!) black socks, and a skins top. No flapping, and no excess lycra that could sup up moisture and slow me down!



How do you train for a race like this? Well, having not done one, I have no idea!! I have done cross country, I have got wet and muddy, but I haven’t scaled obstacles such as these. So here is my reasoning.



I have plenty of this! I went back to the gym to start back on power weights after I got back from New Zealand. I found that I was stronger in fact, than when I last went to the gym in about September. I stopped the weights in the run up to the triathlon world championships as heavy weights interfere with speed training. I am able to lift over 10kg more on the first visit back, than I did last time I was there.

Strength work is the key to injury prevention and is a key part of my training. However, so is swimming, biking and running, which combined are a full body work out. Imagine how many lat pull downs you would have to do to replicate an hour of good swim training in the pool? Hill reps, and power speed sets: why do we do those in training? Do build strength and power. I have, in the high intensity run up to the world championships, been working very hard indeed. I have no concerns regarding my strength, and believe that sports specific training is the best way to get strength training. Next best, weights exercises that specifically replicate the movements specific to your chosen sport. Hence, gym strength to compliment my regular training, and I am not worried. I can almost leg press the entire stack on the machine, I am on 180kg, only 1 peg to go. I am determined to get that last one lifted before Sunday!

I am a strong swimmer, it has been said I have a swimmers physique. Am I worried that I might have insufficient upper body power to haul myself over those obstacles? No, not at all! Besides, I am sure there will be enough team members to help out too!


Running the distance

I know I can cover the 12 mile distance, but I also know that I have a knee injury. I have not been running at all, I have been aqua jogging, cross training and cycling. I taped the knee in Auckland and that really helped, so I will do that again. My fitness and stamina will get me through.

If that is not enough, then my grit and determination will do the rest!

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