Weekly writing challenge: I wish…

I wish I were able to…

  • Live the life I want, without always worrying about financial implications
  • Go back in time, to my early 20’s, where I would take up sport much earlier in life
  • Talk to my Grandad, who died when I was a teenager, and show him all the things I am proud that I have achieved
  • Afford to complete and educational doctorate. I quite fancy the name Doctor Ryding!
  • Delete the day that I tore my cruciate ligament while playing rugby. I’m sure that injury will haunt me later in life.
  • Rewind and pause time, occasionally, perhaps just once a fortnight? How useful would that be?!
  • Live in America. Beautiful country, so vast you could holiday every year there and not see it all in a lifetime.
  • Travel at the speed of light. That way I could get to those gorgeous far away countries easier and faster and get to see more of the world!

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