Letter to me 20 years from now

Daily Prompt.

Dear +20 years me

When I was 41, I had a few things I wanted to achieve, I am wondering if I managed it?

Old age: I vowed that age would always just be a number, and that I would stay active and sporty for as long as my old bones would carry me.

Triathlon: never give up sport, no matter how old you get. Sport keeps you young. Keep fighting for that GB spot, age is no barrier.

Family: are important. I was told this many times, but as you grow older and life becomes more frail this becomes more important. Heed the warning. The most important of those is your husband, so make time for him too.

Life: happiness is paramount. Do what is right for YOU, and not what is right for everyone else. Life on this earth is finite.

Travel: Visit the world, go and see things, in the words of Jane Tomlinson, ‘you can’t take it with you’ !

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