Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words. What can NLP do to help YOU sell more of your product, and how on earth does that relate to this photograph, and this writing challenge?

There are many things that you can deduce from people, just by observing them. Often people miss the small details, small inflects in peoples voices, expressions, the environment, their posture, it all matters. These are all things that a good salesman can tune into and that is why some are so successful at selling you something that you really didn’t want anyway. It even works over the phone.

Have you ever succumbed to the hard sell, and bought something you really didn’t want, or need?

The quality of this photograph is not that good, and the chances are, its staged, and these people are actors, but that doesn’t matter. I will use it to illustrate some things that you can look out for in other people that might speak volumes to you, once you notice the small details.

This photo doesn’t appear to be taken in a sunny environment, it seems overcast, although we cannot see the sky so it is hard to tell. If we assume it is overcast, then why might the people in the photograph be frowning? The man is definately frowning, there are creases in his brow. It is very likely the children are too. Look at the boy, one foot is raised off the ground slightly, which suggests tension, he is uncomfortable. He also has his other hand clenched. His clothig suggests he has been dressed smartly and perhaps is heading somewhere formal. Look how old he is, would that be something he wants to do? Probably something he is regularly expected to do.

Although the adult has an open stance, he does not look to be relaxed. His face suggests tension, with a furrowed brow, very flat shoulders and toes pointing slightly outwards, looks like he isn’t sure how best to stand, or is protesting that he has to stand there at all.

The girl: her feet point slightly away from the man, as if she was almost dragged to her position. She is biting her lip, wearing a bonnet, gloves and bag, not something a girl as small as her would choose to do in ordinary circumstances.

All that given, how would you approach him, if he came into your establishment?

If you surveyed the scene for a moment, as we have, before speaking to him, would you approach him differently?

People make judgements about you in the first few seconds of talking to you. Your stance might have already decided as many things for him about you, before you even open your mouth.

NLP is a powerful communication tool. Language patterns can be the difference between this man walking right back out of your establishment, or talking to you, or purchasing something from you.

The speech patterns you use must match his mood, feelings and model of the world. If you can start a sentence with I can see you must… or I know that you think….. and are CONFIDENT that you will be correct, you have hooked your customer in. How did they know that about me? they will be thinking.

Let me give you an example.

I arrived at work today. My boss didn’t acknowledge me, turn, look at me or talk to me when I arrived in and said hello. Tch, RUDE… he must have the Monday feeling you might think, and brush it off. Had I stopped and observed for a moment, I would be able to deduce he had had a long weekend, was very tired, and liekly was seeking someone to offload a few things onto.

I gave him a few minutes of my and very very quickly, I managed to engage him onto the conversation that I had desired in the beginning.

NLP is a powerful; tool that enables us to not only understand our world better, but others too, and helps you to effectively read the communication of others, and I do not just mean the words that they use.

10% of communication is what you actually say, the rest, well, you know the rest.

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