Back to Auckland

Sad but true, the trip is coming to an end. Today saw us drive back to Auckland, deliver our hippie camper van back to the hire company, and return to the Rydges hotel for our last night in Auckland before flying home tomorrow.

Route back to Auckland

We used the apple maps to plan a route back from Raglan, and the best one seemed to be up highway 22. Highway?! Maybe in cowboy times, but good grief there is no way it’s a highway now! Several parts of the road were single track, many parts of the road were on a cliff edge, and many more parts of the road were in fact falling off the cliff. One particular part had recently seen a big landslide and the ‘highway’ was down to one lane, because that was all that was left standing! I am thanking The Lord that was not driving that camper van! Well done Mark!

View from ‘highway 22’

It was a truly beautiful route, all dangers aside, rather like driving through the Lake District, but the mountains were bigger and the road was twister! The signs we saw occasionally telling us that there was a twisty section coming up were funny, because the whole route was hairpin twisty, steep up and down over mountain tops! In around 90 minutes of travelling we passed five cars, one motorbike and two cyclists, with only one car that was going in the same direction as us! The whole road had sparsely spaced houses, when I started noticing them the numbers were 2700 ish, and by the time we were back close to highway 1 the numbers were down to 100 ish, that’s a LOT of houses on isolated mountaintops!

It made for a beautiful trip back, because the highway 1 was rather boring by comparison!

You can’t knock the New Zealand scenery, it’s truly spectacular, high spiked hills and mountains, twisty roads and tracks, and views for miles and miles.

It makes you realise how tightly populated the UK is, because you would not see this much greenery anywhere in Great Britain, not even in Wales.

Return to Rydges

Stunning harbour view from the hotel room

The room we were given in Rydges made up for the fact that it was our last day, because we have spectacular views over the harbour and the harbour bridge. A view you simply could NOT get bored of.

Tonight we are heading back to the lovely Stables Restaurant again for our last blow out before we return to reality!

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