Visit to Hobbiton Village

We visited ‘the shire’ – the set of The Lord Of the rings trilogy, the only one that still remains.

I was so excited it was untrue! The set was a short ride away on a bus, in the next valley. I was originally a farm, and there are still discussions over its ownership. When the films were made, afterwards they were ordered to return everything to its original form so they began to tear the set down. The weather turned, and they had to stop. It was only then that someone interjected and told them that they should keep it and it could be a money maker.

Originally the green dragon and the bridge over the lake were facades, and scaffolding. They are building the pub for real and have built the bridge. In future you will be able to have a drink in the pub. We were about 6 weeks too early!

Bilbo Baggin’s hobbit hole, the green door at the top of the hill, is the only one that goes back 5 metres, and you can only go in if you are proposing marriage!

The tree above on the top of the hill is the ‘million dollar tree’ – it’s fake, and was moved and screwed together like a jigsaw, the leaves brought from Taiwan! It doesn’t move a muscle when it is windy!

Did you notice anything funny about the hobbit holes? Some are real sized, and some are tiny, to create the illusion that some people were giants and some tiny people!

The hillside we could not go onto was where they were building the set. For the new Hobbit films. Look carefully, see if you recognise any of it when the film comes out!

Hobbiton Village from Melanie Ryding on Vimeo

One Comment on “Visit to Hobbiton Village

  1. Wow! Thank you for uploading this. I have just shown my kids as they love Lord of the Rings and are looking forward to the Hobbit films. Jack especially was enthralled by your video!

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