Project ‘beat jet lag’ – 1 week to go!


It seems a little hard to believe that 1 week from now, it will be 8:41 am on Thursday and I will already have raced in the Aquathlon world championships in New Zealand, with only 3 days to go till the big one – the triathlon world championships.

For the past few weeks I have been working on a mini project to beat the jet lag.


Last week I got up every day at 4am, went to bed at 8:30pm. This week – 3am, going to bed at 8pm. It will be interesting to see what happens, because hubby who is coming with me has been doing absolutely nothing different at all.

With a flight that lands less than 24 hours before my first race and a full 12 hours time difference, I will need all the help that I can get!!

Steps I have taken so far

I have been moving the start and end of my day gradually back, obviously there’s a limit because I still have to work the day job! 7:30-8pm is the limit because at the moment it’s home, tea, sleep! Last year when I went to China I had time off prior to the trip so it was easier to achieve. I did a similar thing and did not suffer any jet lag at all! China was only 7 hours ahead though!

I read that bright light later in the evening delays melatonin production and a bright light early morning accelerates the body clock. So I have been sitting in front of a bright light that simulates sunlight, firstly just in the morning when I get up, to accelerate the body clock and make it think its later in the day than 3:30-4am! In the last day or so I have also sat in front of it in the evening too.

Trust me, in the morning it’s like an energy boost! I crawl out of my bed to the brightness of my sunrise alarm clock, feeling tired. Half an hour with my sad lamp and I am feeling great!

In the evening it’s been helping me combat the tiredness I have started to feel at around 6pm.

I have a small portable one that I will take with me when I travel.


I have done lots of research into light therapy, and will detail this in a separate blog.

There’s lots of research based reasons why I am doing this, and why it should work.

Upside down days

It’s odd having the majority of your time spare before dawn! It’s strange doing all your training at this time of day too – sprints at 4am! It’s also weird to be eating tea then going straight to bed almost!

What I will say though, is that the pre-breakfast time of day becomes a very productive time of day, silence, no distractions, I get tons done before hubby gets up at sunrise!

He said I was crazy, till the day I explained that I had put a wash in, cleaned the kitchen, made breakfast, dinner and put the slow cooker on for tea, and it was still only 6am!

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