Waendel Day of Celebration: Team GB and Paralympics GB

Waendel leisure centre, one of my sponsors, asked me would I help out with their gym open day. As a sponsored athlete, I was all too happy to help, expecting to be greeting people thinking of joining their gym and talking about the benefits of fitness.

How wrong was I?!

One young man called Luke decided that he would like to arrange a fund raising day to celebrate the successes of team GB, and raise money for the charity ‘shelterbox’ at the same time. Incredible.

The event ran from 10-3pm, and it was a pure delight to be part of it. Young people from across the town were invited to come and take part in some Olympic and Paralympic sports including sitting volleyball, basketball, judo, boxing, wheelchair fencing, table tennis, tai kwondo and archery. A paralympic fencer and her coach was invited, along with three local torch bearers, making themselves available for photos (at a cost, of course!) Tombolas, balloons, cake stalls, face painting, you name it, they had thought of it.

The town mayor was invited, and we all marvelled at what a fantastic job they had done in getting the children out from behind their electronic entertainment, off their sofas and enthusiastic about sport.

Inspire a generation? I think they managed that pretty well!

Bless him he even arranged and hand made thank you cards and gave me one, along with a team GB mug as a sign of gratitude for giving up my time.

I wish young Luke well, as is a swimmer training with the Olympics 2020 in mind.

Here is the link to the article that appeared in the local paper.

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