Roade Triathlon: the Marshal’s view

4:45am and the alarm goes off. Nope, not race morning, but I’m marshalling the Roade Triathlon.

When we arrived at the venue it was dark. The guys were setting up the registration by the light if head torches and the first competitor was already there and waiting to collect their race packet. 6:15am!
7am and transition was open for the first athletes to rack their bikes. So far, just me and Judith the referee!

Not long and the flow was steady. The beauty of an open transition and staggered starts: the athletes turned up to rack row by row,20120930-195259.jpg and came through transitions row by row, making the whole process very easy to marshal and manage.

There was a huge number of novices there today, it reminded me how very nervous I was in my first race. One of the best things anyone ever told me? ‘Transition? It’s only getting dressed’ made it all seem much more achievable.

Memorable moments:

  • All the wonderful novice athletes who became triathletes today
  • The guy who dashed back to his space – bike propped outside transition – he had forgotten his number belt! Oops
  • The paratriathlete, on a journey to completing his first ever triathlon: he loved it!
  • The dutiful guy who waited almost 5 minutes in T1 for his mate so they could cycle together!
  • Club SNAFU (from team Cherwell) with their distinctive orange hotpants style kit – they called them ‘budgie smugglers’!20120930-201328.jpg
  • The moment just before I left transition marshalling when I saw parts of an athlete I really shouldn’t have seen!
  • My dear darling club mates in Northants Tri trying desperately to get me to in my official capacity in some way influence and disadvantage certain members of the club so they couldn’t win the club champs! Cheaters! (I didn’t do it!)
  • The opportunity to meet the wonderful Paul Warren, a triathlete I had, till today only spoken to via twitter!
  • the endless amounts of bikes we had to turn round because people hasn’t racked them the right way! Yes it’s a rule in the rule book – the red showed me!
  • all those amazing athletes reaching their own personal goals
  • My amazing baguette – who knew that the burger van could serve these too?

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