Focus, adapt, achieve: 3 weeks to go!


There’s only three weeks to go, till quite possibly the biggest Triathlon World Championships ever. The field is big, and the field is strong.

Almost 80 in my age group, way over double the number there’s ever been before, including the last time the Worlds were in the Southern Hemisphere – Australia 2009. In that year there were 44 in the age group. This year, almost 40 more, over 30 more than the age group below me even.

It’s going to be huge! What a time for me to be running a world champs injured.

Since the start of our relationship in May, my coach has always given me huge almost impossible targets in training, worked me hard and expected way more than I ever thought would be possible.

Until just this week, I wasn’t ever able to hit her ambitious targets, and thought that was a sign of failure. Her response: ‘that’s good, I know that I’m working you hard if you can’t quite do it!’

The knee injury

Yep, I’m pretty upset I have the injury and was diagnosed just this week, three weeks out, but what’s the point in worrying about it? If I focus on it, it will get the better of me, so instead I have been focussing on the training.

Understandably I’m apprehensive when I go out to run, I know it will hurt, I know I will struggle to climb stairs afterwards, and I know that walking will be painful afterwards, but for the 60 minutes or so that I am running, that is all that I am focussing on.

How’s training going?

This week, I started hitting the ambitious targets coach has been setting me all along. I am seeing real improvements in the statistics, specially in running, but even in swimming and biking. Not only have I been hitting them, I’ve been exceeding them. Considering I am running on an injury, I am pretty darned impressed to say the least.

I will go into this race in New Zealand, perhaps not at my best fitness, or maybe even with the injury I am fitter than ever? I can guarantee for the 80 or so minutes that I will be out there, I will give it my best, 110%. Who knows what that might achieve. I may continue to surprise myself!

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