Focus, Adapt, Achieve: I do practice what I preach!

Focus Adapt, Achieve, one of my R2H screensavers

This has been my strap line for a while now, but little did I know how important it would be in the final months run up to the World Triathlon Championships in New Zealand this year.

It has been a tough few months, in many ways. I have had challenges with work, who did not actually agree to even let me go to New Zealand till this week, challenges in my personal life that have been incredibly emotionally draining but out of my control, and a brand new coach to get used to.


I have simply been forced to sharpen my focus on things. Had I let all the events trouble me, I would not be focussing on the training, thus not getting the best out of myself. I have compartmentalised things, so when I am at work, I am working. When I leave the building, I leave work at the door. When i am training, I have 100% focus on training, and nothing else. I finish each session knowing that I could not have done anything more. This is new, and until recently, I realised that my previous coach had not pushed me at all. The goals are high, I often don’t quite reach them, but I give everything trying, and that makes me a little bit stronger each day, both physically and mentally.


Focus on the things you CAN control, not the things that you cannot. What is the use worrying about the family issues when I am meant to be working, or cycling, or swimming, or running? Worry is a natural thing, and makes us all human, but when worry takes over our lives, then we stop actually living in the present. There is a time and a place for everything, and when things come along we must adapt, and overcome, without getting stressed and upset. My coach said to me recently, ‘challenges are only given to those who can handle them’.


If we focus on our goals, go not let trivial things that we cannot control get on top of us, then we will achieve our potential. I truly believe that, and that is the cornerstone of NLP, and the cornerstone of how I structure my beliefs in training, and competing.

It has been a tough road so far, but the harder the work, the bigger the reward, right?

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