Weekly writing challenge: Mail it in

E-Mail, communication and the new digital age

I remember when I was young; the post coming through the post box was the most exciting thing of the day. Was there a letter for me? I had two pen pals, one in France and one in Hong Kong. ‘The only way to keep in touch was a letter in the mail’, to coin the words of Sandi Thom. The letters were written on super thin airmail paper, which came in a self seal envelope where you stuck all the sides to each other, then you posted it.

The modern digital communication age

Communication couldn’t be more different these days, could it? Email, Facebook, Whattsapp, twitter, there’s a long long list of them. Whatever happened to writing a proper letter?

I’m a teacher, special needs to be exact. TXT spk doesn’t help the students that I teach to spell, cus every word that’s a challenge is shortened to something almost unrecognisable. ATEOTD Whether you are young or old, the TXT speak world is here to stay, so much so that there is even a txt spk translator available online so you can work out wot is goin on!

You forget how fast things move on, and just accept the digital advances. You don’t write to someone any more, you inbox them. If we aren’t careful we are working morning noon and night, constantly checking our mobile devices for the latest emails. This week, a client wanted a refund for because I hadn’t responded within 72 hours to an email that he sent literally in the middle of the night. What is the world coming to?

What happened to fountain pens? I went to a business meeting the other day, and forgot a pen. I asked a person sitting nearby could I borrow theirs for a moment, and they handed me a fountain pen. I am not sure I can recall the last time that I saw someone writing with one of those. Would the youth of today even know how to work a fountain pen?

I love stationery. You can’t beat a good hand-made note book, with hand-made paper. When I was younger, you would use such books to keep journals and diaries, documenting your life’s events. Now we find ourselves in front of computers writing blogs instead.

Is it all bad?

I wouldn’t say so. As a result of the modern digital age, have formed online friends with people across the globe. I managed to re-locate and get back into contact with old school friends. I am going to New Zealand next month and hope to meet up with a twitter friend ‘Jackie’ when I am there. Last year I went to the triathlon World Championships in Hungary and met up with a Canadian paratriathlete who I had been talking to on twitter. None of this would be possible if we still relied on land line phones and letters in the mail.

Embrace the digital age, but don’t forget the fountain pens!

One Comment on “Weekly writing challenge: Mail it in

  1. I still enjoy writing with a pen although my hhandwriting is very hard to understand AND I MUST ADMIT I DO LIKE THISFORM OF COMMUNICATION i ALSO have not taken up reading on akindle but time will tell

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