Athlete profile: Zac Purchase, Olympic Rower (lightweight double sculls)

The summer edition, 2012, sees an interview with Zac Purchase, who earned a London 2012 Olympic Silver medal in the lightweight double sculls with Mark Hunter.

Here are his athlete profile answers.

Favourite training session: Racing!! I’m not a fan of training; it’s a necessary evil. 
Least favourite training session: Anything on the rowing machine. 

Sporting ambitions: Another Olympic Gold Medal.
Food: Favourite guilty pleasure: Chocolate, Ice cream, pancakes with Nutella. I have a sweet tooth!
Favourite piece of sporting kit: My various pairs of Oakleys
Favourite music: Depends on my mood, I don’t have a favourite, but a great track for training is Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
If I wasn’t a Professional athlete I would be.. the fourth Top Gear presenter.
Biggest fear: Heights. Not good, though I do like rock climbing. Yeah I know, weird!
Favourite / best piece of advice you have been given: Do something properly the first time, or not at all.
When I retire from being an athlete I will: Get a proper job! 

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