Quit smoking today with NLP!


Ask yourself this question: Do you want to stop feeling attracted to cigarettes? If the answer is yes, then you can make it happen. Your mind is the key.

 ‘NRT doubles your chance of quitting’

This is the message that the companies pump out to you. Well what if I told you that the difference is only 6% after three months, which could easily be accounted for by a placebo. After 6 months the difference is ZERO. Obviously your body has fully recovered from the addiction by this time anyway.

Who was it that said “I give up smoking every day?” Very true. What the problem is that the conditioned response allows you to re-start every day too.

Smoking is a conditioned response.

Believe it or not, nicotine is NOT very addictive. You heard me!

It actually leaves the body completely within 72 hours of your last cigarette. In fact, the actual craving for smoking only lasts a few seconds.

However, what REALLY makes it hard for you to give them the flick, is the unconscious programming that’s happened over months or years of smoking.

When you associate smoking with any other activity, the other activity will trigger cravings for a cigarette and a compulsion that makes you feel compelled to smoke. This is called a conditioned response.There are powerful NLP methods that can effortlessly eliminate those conditioned responses so that a person’s unconscious mind will lose the cravings for cigarettes, and the compulsion to smoke. As a matter of fact, you can even get a compulsion to reject the cigarettes.

You smoke for relaxation and pleasure

Do you know the cigarette tar that forms in your lungs that you try to cough up? Imagine coughing up all that tar and spitting it into a bucket over the course of several days. Vividly picture that bucket of regurgitated tar and phlegm gooping around in the bucket. How does that cigarette tar smell? What sound does it make if you stir the bucket with a large wooden spoon? Unpleasant? Well how about this – take a mouthful of that thick, hot, sticky, smelly tar, and chew it. Feel the tar sticking to the roof of your mouth as the bitter taste fills your mouth. The smell will be overwhelming, but keep chewing it anyway. Hear the “splatch splatch” sound of the vile tar squeltching in your mouth. Take a big drag on a cigarette at the same time… Is it still relaxing?


Everyone I’ve ever met who has permanently quit smoking has done so with NLP and/or hypnosis. Most chemical methods to stop smoking simply help you resist the strong temptation to light up another cigarette. Hypnosis / NLP works much better because it makes the thought of another cigarette unbearable. NLP and hypnosis can make you simply not want another cigarette. How? We do something that is called setting a negative anchor, which is reinforced, and reframed, then we teach you how to break the cycle. This makes the whole thought of smoking another cigarette completely repulsive.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call NOW and start your new life right away!

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