I saw this trending on twitter this morning and I thought I would join in. 🙂
These are just facts that popped into my head, no planning, no order, just random!

I used to be obese now I am a GB athlete. You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT TO if you set your mind  to it


I wish I lived in a different country where winter was cold and summer was hot! Hate the British weather

Even though I am now 4.5 stone lighter I still sometimes look in the mirror and see the old ‘fat’ me


all my direct relations are overweight. I do wonder if body size is hereditary? No matter – I intend to break the mould

I couldn’t swim front crawl till I had swim lessons in 2005. Now I compete for triathlon Team GB. If I can, you can too.

I have a 36 inch inside leg and a shoe size 9.5 – which makes clothes and shoe shopping a challenge sometimes!

I have a music degree and played the flute, yet most of my iPod music is rock and heavy metal! Metallica rule!

I wish I had the build of a runner, not a swim/biker!

I know how to make corn dollies! Who’d have thought that from a heavy metal loving athlete!

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if I was on the autistic spectrum. It would explain a few things to me too!

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