Light therapy to wake you… have YOU ever considered it?

For quite some time now I have been trialling a light up alarm clock that brightens like the sunrise, instead of making a traditional ringing sound. I didn’t think it would work either but a year on, I am way past doubting that at all. The manufacturer of my model is Lumie.

What happened the other weekend just reaffirmed it in my mind.


Two weekend days, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I didn’t need to get up or go anywhere at a specific time, and therefore I didn’t set the light alarm as I usually do. My other half got up to go to work at 6am, and I woke at this time. No light though (on purpose). He messaged me a couple of hours later, to see if I had done my day’s training. Oooops, I had gone back to sleep accidentally! That day was a busy day full of appointments and a heavy training schedule.

Sunday, Hubby goes out to work at the same time, this time I used the light alarm clock to make sure I don’t fall back to sleep because this day I needed to do a long bike / run session and do the food shopping. On this occasion, when hubby went to work (the light was on) within 20 minutes I was up and about, the difference very ‘illuminating’ to say the least!!

This has happened on other occasions too. On this particular weekend, I should in fact have been more tired on the Sunday than on the Saturday, but the light makes a REMARKABLE difference to how bright and breezy I feel in the morning. It significantly improves early morning training sessions too.

Have you considered light therapy? If not, then why not?! 

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