Do the fruit and vegetables you eat contain toxins?

Fruit and vegetables (F+V) are extremely beneficial for one’s health. They both contain a variety of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and more. Eating fruit and vegetables lowers heart attack, stroke and cancer risk, to name just a few health benefits contained in F+V. The question arises whether they contain toxins that may be dangerous to your health, and the answer is yes.


In the United States and elsewhere pesticides sprayed on F+V adhere, and when ingested result in absorption of the toxic substances. Especially affected by the toxins are young children in their growth phase.


Those F+V that are particularly high in pesticide content are:



1) Strawberries.

2) Peaches.

3) Apples.

4) Pears.

5) Squash.

6) Brussel sprouts.

7) Spinach.

8) Green beans.


At high dosages, the pesticides can have the same effect on humans as on insects, impairing the nervous system. Some toxins can actually cause cancer. Canned products including those imported tend to have lower pesticide residue.


While some may wash the F+V before eating, it is considered of little value as only the dirt/grime is removed. Peeling the skin/rind is not beneficial either, for within the latter are antioxidants and many other beneficial substances.


The answer to this vexing problem is to purchase organic. If this is not possible, there are many non-toxic solutions that when poured into a bowl together with the F+V remove many of the pesticides and other toxins.


Some experts believe, however, that the health advantages of eating the F+V with the pesticides far outweigh the benefits of not eating them.


Hilliel Mazansky

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