The first 10 mile Time Trial of 2012: N7/10

It seems I manage to leave at least 12 months between visits to the local cycle club weekly time trials, even though I quite like them! Hmmm?! This one I was not looking forward to though, thunderstorms were forecast this evening, and I drove through an ALMIGHTY one to get home from work, plus, the cycle club web site was reporting that a guy was hit by a car while racing this course last week.

So, I cycled there anyway thinking come on Mel, man up! I had fluorescent rain jacket, doubling up as a go faster hump in my back pocket if I didn’t need to wear it! As it turned out – monsoon style weather was before and directly after, but it stayed dry during the actual time trial.

I always feel a bit freaked by time trials. All these folk standing around nearby are all CYCLISTS. All the do is ride their bike. Meanwhile me, I have to fit in cycling swimming AND running. Please don’t leave me behind will you guys!? I was given number 8, and asked number 9 politely not to whizz by me too early on!

The course is pretty flat, after a hill up to the first you turn to return back down the A45. I was focussed on keeping the effort level up, and it was here on this stretch that no9 got past me. I tried to stay with him but couldn’t so I gave up focussing on his wheel and went back to focussing on my legs. I realised I was gradually catching him back, but he managed to find a second wind and as we exited the slip road to do the dog leg before the return, he pulled away a lead. As I returned back down towards the A45, here is where I cocked up. I approached the roundabout, and saw a car coming. I wasn’t sure of the road layout so slowed down. No 11, behind me knew exactly the road layout and stormed past me up the inside, later accusing me of dilly dallying. Yup. Point taken! No 10 managed to catch me as I approached the final stretch off the A45 to the finish line, but apart from my senior moment at the roundabout, I did what I could do. The dilly dallying might have cost me though, I was 20 seconds off a course PB. Dammit!

Note to self:Time trial means KILL IT – and leave it ALL out there!

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