Athlete Profile: Emma-Kate Lidbury

Our Pro athlete interview for February 2012 is the amazing long distance triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury!


Name: Emma-Kate Lidbury

Height: 178cm

Home town: Cricklade, Wiltshire

Currently live: Oxford 

Coach: Matt Dixon of purplepatch  

Favourite training session: long run or bike hill reps 

Least favourite training session: cold wet rides 

Sporting history: competitive swimmer aged 11-18. Took up triathlon aged 25

Sporting ambitions: be the best I can be 

Food: absolutely love – chocolate, cake, ice cream, steak & chips, tuna steak with huge salad, roast beef with all the trimmings, chilli 

Food: love but really aren’t allowed to have: no such thing!

Favourite training fuel: High5 4:1

Favourite piece of sporting kit.. Focus Izalco Chrono TT bike

Favourite music: This changes all the time – at the moment Amy Macdonald, Adele, PJ Harvey and Natalie Merchant are all among my “most played”

If I wasn’t a Professional athlete I would be.. very frustrated and bored!

Biggest fear: not making the most of every opportunity

Proudest moment in my life so far is… in terms of triathlon, it’s winning the three 70.3 titles in 2011

Favourite / best piece of advice you have been given: never stop believing. Never give up.

When I retire from being an athlete I will… probably keep looking for more races to enter…

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