New Year’s resolutions: Setting goals that will WORK

Following on from the blog I wrote last year on New Year’s resolutions, we are once again at that time of year.

This time, as a NLP practitioner, I am able to help you set even more realistic, specific goals that WILL work.

The key to a successful goal is to set them in such a way that will make them work.

Keep your goal focussed on what WILL

happen.  Ask yourself this first: What do you WANT?

People are very good at telling others what they DON’T want, and tend to fall into this trap. So, if you goal is on fat loss, then don’t make it ‘I will not be fat any more..’ change it to a forward looking goal with a positive angle. Do not be a victim of your emotions. Ask yourself, is THIS what you want? Then set a goal for something that you DO want!

You need to BELIEVE your goal.

You need to be 100% certain about the success of your goal

If you are not 100% certain, that means there will be an element of negative focus. What does that mean? You will seek out the failures, and you are wasting energy that could be used on the successes and the work going in to achieving that goal. Imagine you focus would be a light bulb, or with 100% certainly and focus, it becomes a laser beam.

Your goal must be:

Simple and specific

Measurable, and don’t use the word WANT… believe and word it that you WILL, not that you might!

As if now for example… ‘It is 31 July and I am….

Realistic. If there is any doubt at all, change the goal. Take responsibility for this goal.

Timed. Be specific. The goal should be towards what you want, not away from what you don’t want. Do not name people in your goal. You cannot influence others, you are in charge of yourself and your own destiny.

If you believe 100% in your goal, and can visualise yourself in the future succeeding at achieving it, then you will be successful. Be sure that you reward yourself throughout all the incremental goals that you achieve on the way to achieving the original goal. For example, if its fat loss, then celebrate when you get to 10%, for example, because these are all positive steps towards achieving those goals.  

To find out more about NLP and how you can train your mind to ensure you are the best you can be, why not try NLP mental strength coaching? it can be 1:1, telephone or Skype.

You want to be the best you can be, so why wait, let NLP get you want you want NOW!

You could even try the 12 days of Christmas tips for free on the Ryding2Health youtube channel.

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