Guest Blog: Marathon Of Health: The wellness revolution!

My family and I have run across Canada and we are now running acrossthe USA, we have covered over 11,000 kilometers up to this point andwe are currently in Virginia. The reason we are running these crazy distances is to bring awareness to the growing health crisis that we are in today and also to get people to sign our online petition. The petition is about getting the government to implement programs that address the underlying cause of the problem instead of just treating, the diseases after the damage is done.

We have some exciting news. We were on a national breakfast show in New York on Saturday morning.

The show is really going to be about the Petition and if by Sunday the 6th,12 a.m. we get 50,000 online signatures my dad, who is 57, is going to run 45 marathons in
45 days and if we get 75,000 we are going to push our motor home (Big MOH) that weighs 6000 pounds for one Mile. We thought we would do something even crazier then running across two countries to create more incentive for people to sign.

Visit It only takes a second to sign.

Karina Chicoine

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