When have you ever said ‘it won’t happen’ then it doesn’t?

Perception is projection.

But what exactly does that mean? You are thinking it sounds like techno-babble, but I assure you this is a brilliant concept that can change your life.

Imagine this.

You are sitting or standing somewhere reading this, but listen for a few moments. How many things can you now see, and hear, that you had not noticed a moment ago? Things in your peripheral vision: sounds in the background, perhaps the whirr of the electric appliances, the weather outside, sounds from outside, or next door. There will be something that you had not noticed, till you sat and thought about it.

How many times have you and people you know been somewhere, witnessed an incident, and everyone has a slightly different story? They aren’t ALL wrong. They are all right. Each person tells the right story, their version of the story, their perception of the event. Everyone an only process 134 bits per second of information. There is millions more bits of information coming towards you every second. Your filter is essential, and is driven by you.

Ifyou focus on the negative

‘that wont happen’

‘that will never work’

Then your unconscious mind will seek out the information to prove your belief correct. You will unconsciously LOOK for the information to back up your belief. You will not even be aware that you are doing it. You will then say ‘see, I told you it would not happen’. You did, because you focussed on making it become true.

What if you were to focus on the positive.

‘it WILL happen’

‘That WILL work’

If you believe it whole heartedly,your unconscious mind will look for information to support your belief.

How brilliant is that?

Your mind is very powerful. Learn to use it to your full potential.

Melanie@ryding2health.com for more information.

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