When was the last time you thought ‘I can’t’ ?

Time line therapy is an incredibly powerful tool, which enables you to let go of limiting beliefs and open your mind to a more relaxed and happy you? You are thinking ‘what, are you saying that you can find me the ‘nirvana’?’

How great would it be if you could eliminate all your negative emotions? How great would it be if you could eliminate negative beliefs or decisions?

How many of these have you ever thought?

  • I just don’t feel happy / content / loved ……? (etc)
  • I can’t make the kind of money I want / need
  • I have low self esteem
  • I am not good enought to get that job / win that race / get that promotion….. etc
  • I doubt I could ever do that / get that / make that amount of money
  • I don’t believe I can…

How many times has an event / incident triggered a negative emotion in you, and you may not always know why?


How many can say you have never felt sadness / anger / fear / hurt / guilt?

Time line therapy could help you with all of these and more.

Its an incredibly effective tool.

Are you ready to open your mind and dispell some?

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