Athlete Profile: Kate Porter

Australian international rugby player Kate Porter is our Pro interview for April 2011. Here are her answers.

HOMETOWN: Orange, NSW, Australia

CURRENT LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD, Australia

CAREER OUTSIDE RUGBY: Officer in the Australian Army

CURRENT TEAM(S): West Bulldogs, Australian Army and Australian Services Rugby

SPORTING HISTORY: Dabbled in several sports – Netball, basketball, soccer, cricket and a lot of horseriding. Obviously not very good at any of those sports. IN-SEASON TRAINING REGIMENT
Usually have club training twice a week. Aussie training is three times a week, two conditioning sessions, three weight training sessions, a couple of cross-training sessions as well as my work training which is everyday.

FAVORITE RUGBY CAREER MOMENT SO FAR: Wearing the Green and Gold!!!

BEST ADVICE EVER RECEIVED: I have a couple – 1. Be honest, treat others how you want to be treated yourself. 2. Its only one persons opinion (selection is ultimately determined by one persons opinion, hopefully it lines up with ability of the player). 3. Look at the hips (for running direction)

SPORTING HERO(ES): I don’t think I have one at the moment

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolate… mmmm chocolate

FAVORITE PRE-MATCH PUMP UP MUSIC: At the moment its “Turn Around” by Flo Rida. Last week it was “You’ve go the love” by Florence and the Machine and next week it will probably be “Waka waka” by Shikira. Pump up music changes as quickly as fashions, luckily songs are only $2.19 on iTunes.

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