How to create a reliable Power Balance band test?

I was recently sent a power balance bracelet to test. This came about due to the fact that someone asked me did I wear them, and I subsequently did some research which threw up all sorts of doubt as to their reliability.  

Quite a debate was struck up, and on the whole, with a few isolated cases, it was felt that they did not work, and had no scientific background at all.

Despite all this, Power Balance UK offered (without prompting may I add) to send me one to test out, since i was so interested, I quote.

So, i now have it. I havent opened it or even put it on. Before i do this i need a plan. How do i construct a reliable test on it that does not contain bias?

  • Do I use just myself? or a range of people?
  • what tests exactly do I conduct?
  • do i do the test blind folded so i cant cheat?
  • same time of day / week over a series of weeks?
  • a placebo bracelet?
  • a double blind?

What do we think people? i am aware that a lot of the tests presented on this is flawed, for example, if i repeated the same test over a series of weeks, either with or without the band, is that bias? did I learn the tests rather than get better at them?

I am setting out with a very negative view of power balance bracelets, however I want to do the tests justice, and create tangible results.

I would welcome your thoughts on this? do you have an idea for a reliable way to test them?

2 Comments on “How to create a reliable Power Balance band test?

  1. I have a range of core stability tests we can do next time you are in the gym. Let me know if your passing soon.I have previously done these myself with Power Balance, I won't tell you my results you can keep an open mind. Phil

  2. thanks Phil. can you account for the possibility that results may be afected by the repeated test being 'learned' rather than increased strength?

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