‘Catch’ Swim drills progression

Here is a series of swim drills I was given a while back, the purpose is to develop the catch phase of the freestyle stroke. It is a progressive set of drills, which should be done in succession.

Usually I do drills progressions sets like this:

200-400m warm up easy

drill – 25m, easy 25m (repeat x 2-4 times)

repeat this with all 4 drills in the progression

400m good strong tidy form, employing the techniques you have been focussing on

200-400m cool down

Catch 1 – Glide practice kick with elbow bend

Catch 2 – Side kick rotating into a catch

Catch 3 – Side kick, elbow bend plus a stroke

Catch 4 – Six kick with correct catch

Take a look at the videos of these drills here on our web site

Have fun, and any questions, just ask 🙂

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