GB Triathlete Melanie helps launch SWIMFIT

Thursday 27 January saw Waendel Leisure centre in Wellingborough launch its new SWIMFIT programme. 

In assiciation with the ASA, Waendel Leisure centre hopes to engage and enthuse local recreational swimmers back into swimming as a form of fitness.

Melanie and Bernice introduce SWIMFIT to new swimmers

Developed by swimming experts at the ASA, Swimfit, powered by British Gas, Swim Fit can be your FREE online and pool-side club, providing you with a gym style work-out programme for the pool.

GB age group triathlete, Melanie Ryding, was in the main pool introducing the programme to enthusiastic swimmers. Many had never tried this kind of structured programme before, and after some coaching, saw the clear benefits from a properly structured pool training sessions.

British Gas Swimfit engages you in swimming based on your motivation for working-out, whether you are seeking to maintain your health, shape up and tone your body, reach your peak fitness level or compete at swimming competitions.

If you have any doubts as to the benefits of swimming as a form of exercise, here are a few reasons:

Its a great form of stress relief, it is easy on the joints, it’s a perfect low impact all body workout and water is denser than air, therefore you can work harder!

Feedback from the participants was very positive. Many had not tried a structured swim session before, some thought that this kind of thing was only for ‘proper swimmers’ and some thought they simply weren’t ‘good enough’. With a few more barriers broken down, hopefully more people will come to realise the benefits of structured swimming, and the beauty of SWIMFIT is it is accessible to everyone of all abilities.

Waendel Leisure centre SWIMFIT sessions and information can be found here. Look out for the cards next time you visit your local pool, pick one up and have a go! You can even register online and track your own progress. Find out more information about that here.

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