Energy Bars and training fuel… my reviews

I have tried MANY MANY different bars and things on the quest to find one i like. I struggle to take food on while cycling, and tend to opt therefore for gels and drinks in race situations. Whe i am training, and its not as urgent. i tend to vary what i take with me. It has cost a fortune in stuff i have bought then thrown away, so i thought i would share my verdict in the hope that I can save you a bit of money (and time!)

Cliff bars are nice, they come in many many flavours, and taste good. They can be a bit dry though, and i struggle to chew them,

Guu have recently arrived in the UK. i found these in Australia when i was there and they are LOVELY!! they come in hundreds of delicious flavours, but are quite thick so you need to take them with a drink. They’re like a meal in a gel!

 I’m not so keen on lucozade stuff, I dont think it does much for me performance wise, and i find it incredible sweet tasting.

I really dont like these, they tasted like sawdust to me!! I bought a box but disliked them so much i sold the rest of the box on EBAY!

 Torq make good nutrition, and it tastes great (specially the gels) but the bars are very dry and chewy, and the gels can be a bit sickly sweet. They are very thick too so need water with them

 High 5 gels are one of my favourites. the one on the left is the standard one, i use while cycling, the one on the right is new, thinner, easier to take, and i use it in races during the run section. All flavours are good!

Cliff SHOT BLOCK is very good, like a chewy jelly sweet, easy to take while cycling I found, but might get a bit stuck in your teeth! I liked them and I think i will use them again. ride shots -V easy to use: fab!

 This is my all time favourite pre race drink! its a shame they arent sold in these small sachets, i got this free in a race pack. i think i may have to invest in a big tub! It really helps, i have found. Highly recommended!

Dont like the taste of the power bars, do like the chocolate one, but it melted all over the place when I went out with one!!

GO bar: Flavour of these is good, but in cold weather they turn to rock and are very hard to bite into without hurting your teeth!

Mule make great bars, but again, i find them a bit dry.

Sports Bars are my all time favourite bar is this one! Love the taste (even tho its covered in chocolate, it isnt too thick or sweet


Loving REGO, it really makes me feel human again, and i really mean that. If i forget rego at a race, i am in BIG trouble! GO eletrolyte, is another of the drinks i rely on, I use a few. That, HIgh5, and H3O

Herbalife make this one, H3O and its only available online. But, its the least sweet tasting, and a really relied on it when i was racing and training long, as i was getting sick of tasting sweet stuff!

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