I Give up!!

Sounds like I’m quitting with this weight loss thing? Well not exactly. Over the past few weeks, I have found my training hitting a new low, struggling to generate power and almost grinding to a halt out on the roads. I discovered that weight loss and high intensity training were a difficult combination. Coach said it was down to the lack of fuel and negative calorie intake per day. The balance is very tricky. On the first week, lost 2.5 lb. Great! Week 2, gained 1. Oh, but I was away for the weekend anyway, so it could have been worse. No matter. Week 3, lost 4lb but also lost a truck load of speed and energy. At the time, I didn’t put 2 and 2 together and was just happy to see the weight melt away! Week 4, lost 1 lb, better I thought, that’s sustainable. Week 5, gain 1.5lb. hmmmph. What happened there? Week 6, this week, lost 0.5lb. That’s ok I guess, since I am STILL trying to find the balance between fuelling my body for training while still losing weight. ITS HARD MAN!!

Things I discovered this week?

1)      I have been picking up the wrong jelly in the supermarket – it’s been 1.5 points per pot, NOT 0 like I thought. Well, there’s why I gained last week I suppose!

2)      Training is now going superbly well, my speed is returning to me, and I feel much more reassured. This has been balanced by a much smaller incremental loss in weight. There’s  a connection methinks. Important for it to be this way round, will the world championships only weeks away.

Things I can still change?

1)      Stop having a bit of bread here, a bit of bread there…

2)      Weightwatchers low fat snack still add up, I MUST try and healthy snack more.

3)      Cooking my own stuff is better, its just a pain in the ass sometimes. Must make an effort to try keep it up.

4)      Eat regularly, including lunch, don’t ‘miss it’ or leave it till later.

5)      Less ice cream, even if it is weight watchers!

So, one more week. Then I’m off on a plane. What will the last week bring, we will have to see. I originally wanted reach 12 stone before I departed. I’m 2.5lb off that. Realistically I can’t afford to lose that in one week, and still train effectively, so my focus, till I’ve done my last race of the season, is to maintain, or as a bonus, lose a small amount, and then for now, I’ll be happy.

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