Race taper, Orthotics and cook fest!

Taper week, and i think i have JUST recovered from the beasting at the track with the new run coach last week!! (i had to postpone the saturday run TT though!!) i was meant to meet him again this Tuesday, but TBH, with a race at the weekend i gotta admit i chickened out – for fear he will do to me what he did last week, and i will once again barely be able to walk!

So, now i need to think up an excuse for next tuesday….He said, hmmmm i dont think you work that hard often, do you? er. NO!! i would NOT punish myself like that on purpose!So this week is race taper. It always makes me feel itching to get going, which i guess is the reason its a TAPER! so, on my complete rest day, i couldnt think of anything to do at all. So I went to the shop and got lotsa stuff, and coked all afternoon!! I mean, what else IS there to do? answers on a postcard? The recipes are in the members pages.

The carrot cake went in a flash, and I spent some time this evening explaining to some TRICLUB members how you CAN actually have low fat cake! I wont tell you the secret, login and look for yourself! Owen decided I was trying to fatten everyone up so that I could guarantee I beat them the next time I race them! (hmmm theres a thought!) Glad to have the Cervelo back from its service, the Planet X seemed very hard work by comparison. Also got a new pointy helmet, so sure to fly along at the W/E (I hope!) What with that and my new ‘go faster’ orthotics, I’ll be away!! (or on the floor moaning about the blisters they gave me!)

I cant wait to try them out tomorrow, they are VERY lightweight, just like trainer insoles, very thin, with moulded lumps and bumps in them. curious! I’m sure Steve Avil knows what he’s on about though. But, they are nothing like any other insoles i have been given. to date, they have all been large, heavy inflexible and cumbersome. Exciting!So, onward towards sunday. Should be an interesting race…I was asked could I bring my own marshall., so hubby gets paid to watch me race. SWEET! Someone asked did I have to make my own medal too? Perhaps its on site DIY T shirt printing…fingers crossed i didnt screw up this week when i visit the WW scales tomorrow!

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