Back to Weight Watchers I go!

Well, here we go, blog number 1. Leading into the Europeans I got a foot injury, not the best of timing! As always I continued to work hard, but got frustrated by the foot, so went to see a podiatrist. He took ages telling me the long long list of things I have wrong with my feet and used me as an educational tool for the podiatry students who were there that day!

After that lot its a wonder i can actually run at all! i am waiting for orthotics to arrive, and hoping that will turn me into a Tim Don of running! i cant wait for them to arrive so i can see whether they work! I have slacked off on the diet too lately, and a recent visit to Weight watchers revealed I was over my goal ‘gold membership’ weight. so back on the tomatoes I went!!

What I mean is I have cut out eating all the crap (again!) and am now going through chocolate withdrawal. I’ll be ok if I can last two weeks, I know I will! oh, and i am back cooking (again!) rather than conveneince food! Unfortunately that means hubby gets to embrace all the weight watchers and low fat recipes too! To be honest, i like them, I don’t think low fat has to mean low taste at all.I have decided weight watchers is like the Hotel California – once you have joined you can never leave! I guess watching your weight is kinda the same. (well it certainly is for me, if i take my eye off the ball for a moment I get into all sorts of trouble!!)

Slim is definately NOT natural and does NOT come easy for me at all. Over and out, i got a 2.5 hour bike ride to do! Glad schools out for summer, i can fit stuff in a bit better now!

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